About Us

We are team based in Norfolk, UK who are passionate about providing healthy treats and fun toys for your hamster! 

Each month it is our mission to make more and more hamsters happy by giving them access to a greater choice of toys & treats, and even better they are delivered straight to their door. Your hamster’s welfare is at the centre of everything that we do at Hamster Mail, that’s why we only work with the best brands and you no longer need to worry about some of the naughty sugary treats found in pet stores. Instead you can relax and enjoy time with your hamster and wait for the goodies to come to you! This leads us to the best part, the opening. The content of the box is left a mystery, therefore both you and your hamster will have a surprise each month and get to enjoy opening your Hamster Mail together. 

Charity of the Month

At Hamster Mail we believe every hamster matters and think it is really important to help support organisations and charities that are helping those hamsters that are not fortunate enough to have found their forever home yet. Therefore, every month one of the team pick a charity to send a Hamster Mail box of treats & toys to.

Each month we write about our charity of the month in the box newsletter, so be sure to watch out for it when your Hamster Mail arrives.

We try to support animal charities in any way we can, so if you know of a charity which you think we can help, please contact us at support@sendhamstermail.com as we would love to hear from you!