Introducing Bedtime & Burrow Bedding...

Designed by us in collaboration with Healthy Hopper and available to add to your monthly Hamster Mail delivery! Made from unused offcuts from the teabag industry (so it’s never touched a tea leaf). This eco-friendly bedding is super soft, highly absorbent and has been designed with burrowing in mind!  

Wild hamsters burrow for safety, temperature control, and food storage. It’s a natural behaviour which is important for your hamster’s overall wellbeing. Bedtime & Burrow bedding is supportive for stable burrows whilst also being soft on your hamster’s paws and very snoozable for nesting!

It’s not necessary (or recommended) to change your hamster’s complete bedding regularly, that’s why these 20L and 10L bags are the perfect size for regular spot cleaning and will gradually transition you to a full enclosure of Bedtime and Burrow!

New customers can simply add Bedtime & Burrow to their Hamster Mail subscription order on the way to checkout. Already a Hamster Mail subscriber? Drop us an email to and we would be happy to upgrade your subscription to include our luxury bedding. Happy snoozing!

Unfortunately our bedding is only available to order by Hamster Mail subscribers and can not be purchased separately.

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