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£16.00 - £17.50

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Product Description

Christmas Box £16= approximately $21 USD, €17.80

Our Christmas themed Hamster Mail box is the perfect gift for your hamster, or any hamster owner, this Christmas! Each box will include 2 festive themed toys and 2 festive treats.

For the December Christmas box only we are offering this box subscription free! However if you would like to continue to receive or send Hamster Mail in the new year too (yay!), you can sign up for one of our subscription plans by clicking here. Subscribers who sign up before the 21st of December will receive the Christmas box as their first box.

We are also offering extra goodies that can be added to your Christmas box:

A novelty hamster sized Christmas hat (see the picture above) can be added to your order by simply selecting the ‘Yes +£1.50’ in the drop down menu above.

A Snuffle Forage Mat (see the picture above) can be added to your order by simply selecting the ‘Yes +£8’ in the menu above. With it's super-soft felt stands, the Snuffle Forage Mat is a great way to play hide and seek with all types of dried and even fresh foods, such as herbs. The mat is a generous 29.5 x 20cm, is the perfect accessory for play time and encourages natural foraging behaviour.

Our Festive Bundle is the ultimate Christmas add-on package for your hamster. It includes:

1. Santa Sack Den & Cave. Made of pet safe stone powder this is an adorable hideout for your hamster this festive season. With the opening of the den measuring approximately 5cm x 7cm this hideout is suitable for dwarf hamsters and most syrian hamsters.
2. Festive Fruit Tree. A delicious tree shaped hanging treat. Composition: vegetable starch, parsley, millet, wheat, apple, coconut, mountain bilberry.
3. Robin Gnaw Toy. A super adorable hanging decoration for your hammy’s home which is also a gnaw! Made from natural wood and loofa.
All items in our Festive Bundle are from the premium pet brand Rosewood.

Other add-on items are also available on our ‘Box Add-ons’ page, these items can be purchased as additional items to your Christmas box, for those who really wants to spoil their hamster this Christmas! Delivery fees will remain the same (£3.99 worldwide international delivery, £1.99 to UK) no matter how many add-ons are selected!

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