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The Night Before Christmas Bundle


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Product Description

The Night Before Christmas Bundle
The ultimate bundle to be enjoyed on Christmas Eve.

It includes:
- Coco Clubhouse by Happy Pet (house approx. 15 x 10 x 14cm, house entrance approx 4cm).
- Reindeer Snuffle Mat by Rosewood (38cm length).
- Carrot Bowl by Happy Pet (approx. 13.5 cm x 7 cm).
- Christmas Eve Tray by Rosewood. There's even a portion of 'reindeer food’ either for Santa's hooved helpers or for little furries.
Composition: Lignocellulose, pea flakes, meadow hay, vegetable starch, dried carrot, oat flakes, coconut, calendula blossoms, rose blossoms, cornflowers, vegetable oil.
13cm diameter edible tray made from cellulose fibre board, coated in meadow hay.
- Christmas All Sortz by Rosewood. Christmas themed veg and hay- based cookies and coconut- dusted snowballs, all made using 100% natural ingredients.
Christmas cookies: pea flakes, carrots, mountain meadow hay, vegetable starch, beetroot, parsley, vegetable oil.
Snow Balls: extruded maize meal, coconut, alfalfa, carrots, vegetable starch.
Net weight 150g.

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